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Solidorg Package plant

General features of package plants:
  • Suitable for schools, clinics, offices, factories, mines, remote villages or towns (large and small populations).
  • Available in single or multiple modules to produce any required quantity of potable water.
  • Plants can be fully dismantled and relocated to other sites.
  • Conventional/proven processes of coagulation, flocculation, clarification, filtration and disinfection are used for treatment of the water.
  • Customised process techniques can be incorporated for removal of contaminets not achieved by conventional processes i.e. metals, sulphates, phosphates, flourides etc.
  • Plants can be packed and shipped in standard containers for installation anywhere.
  • Minimal civil work required.
  • Proven technology and only quality materials and components are used, suitable for outdoor use and long life operation/service.

Large capacity package plants:
  • Dependant on site conditions, plants can operate on the basis of gravity flow only, with no electrical power required, or gravity flow supplemented by site available power i.e. existing or generated on site.

Solar powered package plants:
  • Plants can produce potable water within weeks from time of identification of water source i.e. borehole, river, dam or reservoir.
  • Single plant module is perfectly suitable for communities up to 1600 consumers based on 20 litres per person per day.
  • Suitable as an emergency water supply quickly and safely.
  • Plants can operate with solar energy only, with backup power i.e. battery and/or generator, during extended low light/rainy conditions.
  • Minimal operating cost and are fully automated.
  • Minimal civil works required with no additional infrastructure required.
  • Solar powered booster systems available for water distribution/reticulation.