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Lamella Clarifier Design Lamella & Clarifiers
  • PVC Honeycomb/Hexagonal design.
  • Material finished thickness rigid 0.9mm.
  • Tube depth maximum 3000mm.
  • Material inherently UV stabilised-suitable for direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Material surface high gloss and highly hydrophobic to prevent sludge fowling.
  • Solidorg design provides for 86% utilisation of settling area.
  • Available in opaque white.
Lamella Clarifier Design
  • PVC and Polycarbonate Inclined Plate design.
  • >95% utilisation of settling area.
  • Materials all UV and corrosion resistant.
  • Material thickness variable.
  • Plate spacing variable and selected to provide required effective settling area.
  • All materials highly hydrophobic to prevent sludge fowling.
Solidorg Lamella Clarifier installation Typical large capacity, gravity flow, Solidorg Lamella Clarifier installation in remote area